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Blue Rice Restaurant

Celebrate Thai Food
Individual favourites cooking is an art

The Blue Rice Restaurants prepare exceptionally delicious food, prepared by Apple, Noi and our passionate team. Enjoy traditional Thai recipes, and special home-made treats. Among many highlights in our extensive menu are a mouthwatering coconut and cashew infused Massaman curry, and ‘The best Tom Kha Kai ’. Meat lovers and vegetarians will be full and happy. It’s a happy fact that many of our guests have stayed in Kanchanaburi several extra days, for just ‘one more meal at Apple’s!’

A La Carte

Choose from a variety of dishes from the authentic Thai kitchen. Curries, classic rice and noodle dishes, as well as deserts and some tastes from home. The food is plentiful and hearty, the menu price is excellent value for money, and the ingredients are garden fresh and locally sourced.

Moreover, our restaurant isn’t only about tasting Thai food. It’s about exploring Thai culture through food. Whether through joining a Cookery Workshop, or just chatting to our staff, you can learn the part which eating delicious, healthy food plays in the everyday life of Thai people.

Signature Dish


One of our ‘Signature Dishes’ here at Apple’s Retreat, among the classic Thai cuisine, is Massaman Curry, which is one of the most popular curries in the world.

Massaman Curry is such a special part of Thai cuisine that King Rama II composed a song which makes special mention of it as one of his favorite dishes.  The ‘boat song’ by the poetically-gifted second Thai monarch, mentions Massman Curry as part of the royal cuisine in the early Ratanakosin period.

The ‘boat song’ says that Massman Curry is the way to a man’s heart and eating it anywhere will make him home-sick and long for the woman who last cooked him Massman Curry.

The ‘boat song’ says “any man who has tasted (our) Massaman Curry pines for you.”

Massman Curry has enjoyed the unbroken streak of popularity for several hundred years.

When you eat Massman Curry, here at Apple’s Retreat, and then go home, we hope you will think us of, as part of our Thai family, the next time you eat Massman Curry anywhere in the world.